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The new VAV-Universal product rangeRoom & System Solutions04.05.2020
Ease of installation combined with an innovative design.Sensors17.03.2020
The new BEN and BEE smoke control damper actuators.Safety Solutions01.01.2020
Proven, versatile 6-way zone valve.Water Solutions07.10.2019
Ultrasonic flow sensorSensors01.07.2019
Pressure-independent flow limiter valve PIFLV.Water Solutions01.11.2018
Modbus and BACnet® solutions from Belimo.Bus & System Integration30.05.2018
The 3-way control valve. Redefined.Water Solutions02.03.2018
Compact zone valve QCV. Now also with external thread.Water Solutions01.02.2018
Smartphone onsite operation - Belimo Assistant AppBus & System Integration21.07.2017
Seamlessly integrated. The new sensor range from Belimo.Sensors03.04.2017
Belimo Energy Valve™ - Now with glycol monitoring!Water Solutions01.04.2017


The new VAV-Universal product range
Maximum flexibility for increased requirements

The modular design of the VAV-Universal controller product range with integrated Δp sensor – D3 dynamic or M1 diaphragm – enables the ideal combination of controller and damper motorisation for VAV, duct pressure and room pressure applications
Actuator: Default rotary actuator, very fast running or with fail-safe.
Easily adapted to the selected automation concept due to the fact that the control can be selected for the tool. BACnet / Modbus (incl. hybrid mode) / MP-Bus or analogue 0...10 / 2...10 V in one device. Integrated NFC interface for simple commissioning and parametrisation using the Belimo Assistant App.
  Flyer - VAV-Universal – Air conditions under control

Ease of installation combined with an innovative design.
Belimo room units.

The new room sensors and room operating units are the perfect addition to Belimo’s existing sensor range. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers the architect an aesthetic and timeless design, the installer quick installation, the system integrator easy commissioning by a smartphone and the end customer a comfortable room climate.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative design – with slim profiles of just 13-22 mm
  • Fast, tool-free installation – thanks to spring-loaded terminal blocks
  • NFC configuration and diagnostics – even without a power supply*
  • Short response times, high measurement accuracy and minimal drift
  • Broad compatibility – with 0-5, 0-10, 2-10 V DC or MP-Bus output signals in a single unit*
  • Digital input with auxiliary power supply for external device – such as a presence detector*

    *for active room sensors
  •   Flyer - Belimo room units
      Brochure - Belimo sensors

    Room Sensors - Designed in Switzerland

    How to install a Belimo room sensor

    The new BEN and BEE smoke control damper actuators.
    Efficient smoke control, more safety.

    Belimo has a graduated product range of smoke control damper actuators for the economical motorisation of smoke control dampers. The powerful actuators are convincing with their compact design and energy-efficient operation.

    Due to the specially designed Safety Position Lock™ function, the smoke control dampers are held reliably in the defined safety position in case of fire.
    When it comes to safety, you can count on Belimo's many years of experience and proven quality.
      Brochure - Smoke control damper actuators overview (PDF - 4 mb)

    New smoke control damper actuators BEN and BEE

    Smoke development with and without powered smoke control

    Proven, versatile 6-way zone valve.
    Efficiency for optimum indoor comfort.

    Recognising needs and finding unconventional solutions - that is what makes Belimo extraordinary. Conventional solutions for combined heating / cooling elements in a four-pipe system are known to be error-prone, expensive to install and take up a lot of space. Belimo introduced an innovative solution for this application in 2008.

    Now only one valve and one actuator are required instead of four - this makes electrical connection easier, simplifies control and reduces the number of data points required. As a result, installation work and potential sources of errors are reduced to a minimum.

    The compact 6-way zone valve

    A good product becomes even better - the latest generation of 6-way zone valves is now 33% more compact. The space-saving design of the actuator and valve also enables tool-free assembly of the actuator.
      Brochure - Proven, versatile 6-way zone valve (PDF - 4 mb)
      Belimo – Applications: Room and zone control (PDF - 5 mb)

    Ultrasonic flow sensor.

    Trusted flow measurement.

    Reliable measurement of flow plays an important role in maximising HVAC system efficiency and conserving energy. Inline flow sensors from Belimo utilise ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable water-flow measurement. Their compact size and insensitivity to dirt make them ideal for use with HVAC chilled water, hot water and water/ glycol solutions at temperatures ranging from –20 to 120 °C.

  • Certainty that the measured flow is correct.
  • Only one flow sensor required for glycol concentrations up to 60 %.
  • Maintenance-free design ensures reliable operation and long service life.

      Flyer: Ultrasonic flow sensor (3.5 mb)
      Overcoming the Glycol Measurement Challenge (545 kb)

    Ultrasonic flow sensor
    Trusted flow measurement

    Pressure-independent flow limiter valve PIFLV.

    Energy efficiency for zone applications.

    The PIFLV is a pressure-independent flow limiter valve that is specially designed for ON/OFF cooling zone applications. The valve provides numerous benefits:

  • Automatic and permanent hydronic balancing
  • Large flow capacity also for small diameters
  • Clog-resistant design
  • Tight-closing ball valve minimises energy loss
  • Minimum power consumption in operating and standby modes
  • Short running time

      Flyer: Pressure-independent flow limiter valve PIFLV (1.5 mb)

    Why choose the Belimo PIFLV?

    Pressure-independent flow limiter valve
    Innovative Flow Limiter Design

    Modbus and BACnet® solutions from Belimo.

    With the extensive range of bus devices from Belimo, you can minimize your cabling expenditures and increase the transparency of your HVAC system. Belimo offers a wide range of Modbus- and BACnet®-capable HVAC field devices.

  • Both protocols are now available on one actuator and can be easily selected and parameterised.
  • Additional data points make the integration even easier.

      Info brochure: Bus solutions from Belimo - The best connection (4.8 mb)

    Device selection tool

    The 3-way control valve. Redefined.

    Now also as 3-way solution
    In addition to the already proven 2-way butterfly valve, Belimo is now offering the even more flexible 3-way butterfly valve. In combination with the new PR actuators, they are the most intelligent, energy-efficient and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market.
    Further advantages:

  • For large flows in DN 150...300
  • Flexible mixing and distribution
  • Intelligent actuator technology with BACnet MS/TP
  • Closes sealed (leakage rate A, tight (as per EN-12266-1) up to 14 bar closing pressure)
  • Compact fitting dimensions

      Powerful Movements – The butterfly valves and actuators from Belimo (PDF -10 mb)

    Compact zone valve QCV. Now also with external thread.

    Robust, flexible, tight-sealing.

    The space-saving QCV (Quick Compact Valve) from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product range is available as a 2-way characterised control valve and as a 3-way change-over ball valve with DN 15 and DN 20 nominal diameters. These valves provide numerous benefits:

  • Tight-sealing characterised control valve prevents circulation losses
  • Manually adjustable kv values with the 2-way characterised control valves
  • Automatic adaptation to set kv value
  • Minimum power consumption in operating and standby modes
  • Compatible with 24 V, 230 V, open-close/3-point, modulating control and MP-Bus®

      Flyer: Compact zone valve QCV (225 kb)
      Belimo – Applications: Room and zone control (5 mb)

    Why choose the Belimo Quick Compact Valve (QCV)?

    Smartphone onsite operation - Belimo Assistant App
    NOW also for iPhone

    Complete transparency at all times regarding your Belimo HVAC actuator solution and the operation of your system. With the Belimo Assistant App, one's own Smartphone is used for wireless onsite operation of latest-generation VAV, damper and valve actuators!

  • iPhone with ZIP-BT-NFC (Bluetooth-NFC converter)
  • Android Smartphones via built-in NFC interface

      Flyer: Powerful movements - The New Generation of Butterfly Valves and Actuators from Belimo (1.6 mb)
      Flyer: Pressure-independent 6-way zone valve. (1.4 mb)
      Flyer: VAV-Compact NFC. Another step forward. (3 mb)
      Planner Information: The VAV-Compact product range – Ready for the volumetric flow systems of tomorrow. (425 kb)
      Product information ZIP-BT-NFC (990 kb)

    Seamlessly integrated. The new sensor range from Belimo.

    With a complete range of sensors, Belimo is now your single source for HVAC field devices. The sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure have been designed to work seamlessly with all major building automation and control systems. Further advantages are:

  • Easy installation thanks to quick-mount snap-on cover and detachable mounting plate
  • NEMA 4X / IP65 and UL compliance for demanding and outdoor applications
  • Easy commissioning and parameterisation over BACnet and Modbus communication protocols
  • Time and cost savings during wiring due to tool-free connection and output protection
  • 5-year warranty and highest quality backed with first-class service and support

      Brochure - Belimo sensors (9 mb)

    Why choose Belimo sensors?

    Seamlessly integrated.
    The new sensor range from Belimo.

    Sensor Installation
    22DT.. Range of Sensors

    Belimo Energy Valve™ - Now with glycol monitoring!

    Another step into the future.
    With the integration of the Belimo Energy Valve™ into the Belimo Cloud the user creates an own account to have full transparency about the energy consumption in the cooling/heating application - from everywhere and whenever he wants. The access to the Belimo online services makes life easier and gives the security to have always the best settings for the devices.

  • Delta-T Optimisation and Flow Set Points: Belimo Cloud optimises the energy savings
  • Performance Reporting: Belimo Cloud helps to simplify the analysis of the cooling/heating application
  • Support powered by Cloud:Belimo Cloud support provides help from real experts of the original supplier
  • Software Updates: Belimo Cloud online update makes sure that the Belimo Energy Valve™ is always up to date
  • Lifetime Data Access: Belimo Cloud allows easy access to all data over the whole life cycle of the Belimo Energy Valve™

      Brochure - Belimo Energy Valve™ - Energy savings you can see (7 mb)

    Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™
    Transparent energy monitoring with the Belimo Cloud

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