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Company Presentation
(PDF - 3 mb)

Belimo celebrates 40th anniversary (Video)

Belimo Logistics Expansion Hinwil, Switzerland (Video)

SQS Certificate ISO 9001 / 14001 (PDF - 48 kb)

Articles of Incorporation (PDF - 56 kb)

The complete product range
(PDF - 1.6 mb)

Maximum functionality for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems

Independent and open.

Belimo products have open interfaces so that there are no problems at all in using them in conjunction with all popular makes of controlgear. And investors and designers are not the only ones to profit from them either. Operators and service technicians find the extra flexibility very much to their liking and also the greater freedom they have in choosing the most suitable products and suppliers.

Customized designs.

In addition to standard products Belimo also co-operates with the makers of dampers to produce special customized designs whenever they are needed – especially for fire and smoke protection, for variable air volume control and for motorized globe valves. The fundamental idea is to ensure that the dampers always do their job effectively, efficiently and as the law requires while at the same time improving the overall efficiency of the whole installation.

Total solutions from a single source

  Air applications
a.  Air damper with actuator
b.  Dampers with spring-return
c.  Fire protection damper with actuator
d.  VAV-Box Compact
e.  VAV-Box Universal Dynamic
  Water applications
g.  Pressure-independent characterised control valve
h.  6-way characterised control valve
i.  Characterised control valve
j.  Globe valve modulating
k.  Butterfly valves ON / OFF
l.  Zone valve
1 Fan
  6 Speed adjusted pump
2 Air heater
  7 Heat exchanger
3 Air cooler   8 Chiller
4 Boiler   9 Chilled water reservoir  
5 Pump        

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